An essential issue of our time is the relationship between men and their machines. When it comes to your relationship to technology, how free is your will? Are you in control? Derek Webb‘s I Feel Everything explores this terrain within the context of a nuanced and uniquely creative morality tale.

EPISODE LINKS (in order mentioned)

Derek Webb (singer-songwriter) // iTunes, Spotify, YouTube
 I Feel Everything by Derek Webb //, iTunes, Spotify
 Ctrl (album) by Derek Webb //, iTunes, Spotify
Sacred Harp (musical/vocal style) // about + examples ← click on that…it’s awesome!
• NEXUS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by SOLA-MI // free download,, iTunes, Spotify
 The Hidden Meaning Behind “Ctrl” (article) by Derek Webb
 Ctrl — The Complete Fictional Short Story (short story) by Derek Webb, Josh Moore, and Allan Heinberg

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