Some stories are told without words. In his original musical compositions, Jimmy Mitchell paints with pianos and strings to separate light from darkness, to tell the story of The Battle that rages around and within us all.


Love Good (an arts movement)
• Beethoven’s sinfonia Eroica (“Heroic” symphony)
Jimmy Mitchell (pianist, composer, speaker)

The Battle (song) from THROUGH IT ALL (album)
LOVE [AN EPIC] (album by Jimmy Mitchell)
Allen Parker (producer/engineer)
Shawn Williams (violinist, producer)
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host + creator

A singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist from Ohio, Kevin Heider has released several albums and EPs in the last decade. His music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, and more. Learn more and check out his latest music and videos at

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